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Welcome to Fosen Folk High School

With a sustainable and organic future in focus

Fosen Folk High School is more than just a school. A wooden boat-building workshop and our own forest are things few other schools have. What's more, we run our own farm. If you – like us – like to try out something new, experiment with the new and the old, then the chances are that you have found the right school! This is where you will meet students and tutors working in close, proactive partnership for an environment-friendly future. You will learn a lot about how you can be an entrepreneur in your own life!

Check out this blog, written by the canadian Josef Svorkdal, student 2013/2014.

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Båtbygging på Fosen FHS


Follow the entire process from forest to a boat bobbing on the water! The journey starts with forestry and ends in a DIY boat.

Read more (Norwegian only!)


Seiling på Fosen FHS


You will learn to sail, navigate between islets and rocks, be decisive and able to work as a team. Help carry on a thousand year legacy of coast-dwelling!

Read more (Norwegian only!)


Friluftsliv på Fosen FHS

Outdoor Studies

We’ll take you on a journey through the diversity of the outdoor life, using the skills our forefathers knew in ages gone by.

Read more (Norwegian only!)


Økologisk jordbruk på Fosen FHS

Organic Farming

We have our own farm at Fosen Folkehøgskole, on which we grow potatoes and vegetables, herbs, grain and grass.

Read more (Norwegian only!)


Håndverk og design på Fosen FHS

Crafts and design

Wool and sheepskin from our own wild sheep, plants to dye yarn, wooden materials and willow for basket weaving from the forest. Your hands and ideas are part of the entire process from raw materials to finished product.

Read more (Norwegian only!)


Fra jord til bord på Fosen FHS

Food – from turf to table

Food from turf to table and from the sea to the best in seafood! We gather the ingredients from the field, forest and sea. We prepare, process and conserve.

Read more (Norwegian only!)