7100 Rissa
Tlf: 73 85 85 85
Tilsyn: 95 14 84 88
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Fosen Folkehøgskole is located in the small rural community of Rissa by the Trondheimsfjord. Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway, is one hour away by bus/boat. Fosen Folkehøgskole is a small school with a maximum capacity of 62 students. Their age range from 18 - 50, most of the students are about 20.

Folk high schools in brief

Folk high schools are one-year boarding schools offering a variety of exciting non-traditional and non-academic subjects, as well as academic subjects. The idea of folk high schools is learning for life, an opportunity to grow both individually, socially, and academically in small learning communities. All students live on campus in close contact with staff and their fellow students. One important part of the folk high school experience is to form a community, in and out of class.

The whole person

The folk high schools do not grant degrees or conduct exams. They are a supplement to the regular education system, with the aim of nurturing “the whole person”. You develop knowledge in a subject you will make use of every day for the rest of your life: yourself. By taking away the pressure of grades and exams, you learn to motivate yourself. You choose the topics that interest you.

Will I Need a Residence Permit

Citizens of Nordic Countries do not need a residence permit. Citizens from EU countries need not apply for a residence permit in Norway in advance, but local police must be notified within 3 months after entering Norway. Citizens of other countries must apply for a residence permit before coming to Norway.

How to Apply for a Residence Permit

Admission to a folk high school must be ensured before you apply for a residence permit. Your application for a residence permit must be sent to the Norwegian Embassy or Consulate in your home country while you are still there or in the country where you have stayed during the last six months.

The following three documents must be included:

  • An application form for a residence permit
  • The admission letter from the folk high school
  • Verification of financial status.


The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) requires that applicants from other countries pay a deposit of Nkr 73.200,-  into a bank account in Norway, preferably the bank recommended by the school. Further information on this will be given in the entrance letter from the school.

Education must be the main purpose of your stay and you must be a full-time student. A residence permit is normally issued for one year at a time. Please allow 2 - 3 months to receive the permit. You must have received the residence permit before you leave your country

No application deadline

Schools starts admitting Norwegian students on February 1st. Students are admitted until the school is filled up or until the beginning of the school year.

Together with your application you please enclose two passport photos and a personal letter where you tell us why you are applying to the school and which interests you have. However, if you are a student from outside the European Union (EU), the schools will accept an earlier application and give an answer within a few weeks. Then you also have to apply for a residence permit. This can take up to several months.

The School Year

There is an autumn Holiday for one week in September/October, a Christmas holiday for two weeks in December/ January, and an Easter Holiday for two weeks during Easter week. During these holidays, the school will normally be closed.

The School Week

Classes are held 5 or 6 days a week.

How Much Does It Cost

There is no tuition fee. However you have to cover room and board, study trips and excursions, and course material. The expenses depend on which major programs you choose and which school excursions you participate in. Therefore, prices will vary both between students at the same school and between schools.

For a 36 week course at Fosen you pay Nkr 89.400. This include Nkr 1700 as an enrollment fee (which will not be refunded in case you change your mind).